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Welcome to our FAQs!


1. Whats is a Domain name(DNS Record Toronto)?

Domain name can be a name of a personal computer used to access the Internet, a web site or even a hosting server accessing the internet. It is an Internet Protocol (IP) resource.


2. What is DNS(DNS Search Toronto)?

Domain Name System (DNS) is used to convert hostnames to an IP address. If you need to connect to a website such as abc.com, you need to IP address of that website to communicate with it.

3. What is whois information(Whois Lookup Toronto)?

WHOIS list the name nervers for the domain, the registrar and registrant information, also the date it was created, updated and will expiry.

4. What is MX-Record ?

MX-record is the mail server record for a domain name.

5.  What is A-record?

A-record returns an ip address for corresponding domain name.

6. What is Reverse DNS (rDNS)?

A reverse DNS lookup is querying the DNS to get domain name associated with IP address.

7. What is SOA record?

Start of Authority record  exist in the DNS containing administrative information about the zone.

8. TXT record (Spf) record

A TXT record exist in the DNS which is used to to associate arbitrary text with a host or other name. An example would be human readable information about a server, network, data center, or  some other.

9. What is the geographic information, detected by IP?

This is the geographical location of the IP address.

10. What is Nameserver(NS)?

This is the dns information that host the domain name. As an example, it is where the website files would be stored.

11. What is Internet Speed Test ?

This is the ability to test the speed of your internet.
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